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The Four Pillars of Worth





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Self-confidence it is part of the Four Pillars of Self-Worth because it's about being true to yourself - trusting what you do. As self-worth grows it is easier to live worthy - a worthy person is a confident person. There are two ways to think about confidence - as a feeling of security or as an action of trust. 

We can't know why some children are told they are worth it and others aren't. It may be that some parents don't know their own worth and therefore can't endow their children with something they think they don't have. Not being told you are worthy doesn't equal not having worth.

One of the reasons why it's important to believe in the power of self-worth is for the confidence that comes with living worthy. Nobody can take it away, worthiness doesn't evaporate just because someone can't see it. It isn't destroyed when someone tries to break it. Self-worth is always there waiting to be remembered.

Confidence as being true to yourself (con=with and fid=trust) especially by acknowledging that you are worthy. That when you feel worthy - it feels good to show it. You light up because your worth gives you the confidence to shine. At Ribbon of Worth we have a concept that with the first three pillars of worth - self-awareness (to know), self-esteem (to grow), self-respect (to say "whoa"), we get to exercise the fourth pillar which is self-confidence (to show our worth).


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The following articles may help with building confidence.

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3. The Confidence Gap (Book) by Russ Harris. https://www.amazon.com/Confidence-Gap-Guide-Overcoming-Self-Doubt/dp/1590309235