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The Four Pillars of Worth





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Ribbon of Worth 


You are worthy, whole and profoundly important. We are glad you found our site and hope you enjoy learning more about your real worth. Please check out our online community and other resources for remembering your worth such as:


1. Ribbon of Worth FB Page -  Self-worth in daily quotes and posts.

2. SoWorthy.App  - a free download to Android and iPhone.

3. So Worthy FB Group - a place to share ideas about the current and next app.

4. So Worthy: Activity Journal - A guided journal for profound personal growth.


Our Philosophy:
You have always been worth it! The only thing that takes worth away is believing it is gone. You are worth it today as much as you were the first day of your life. Whatever happened to alter the accurate evaluation of your self-worth can be changed and your worth restored.


Core Concepts:
1. People are basically good.
2. Self-worth is a certainty for every individual.
3. The Four Pillars of Worth build and reinforce self-worth.
4. Remembering self-worth daily is important.
5. Living from our worth brings out the best in us.


Fun Fact: Worth is a noun, verb, adjective and preposition.
Worth (noun) - Usefulness or importance. The value of something measured by its qualities or by the esteem in which it is held.
Worth (intransitive verb) - Become 
Worth (adjective) - Estimable (archaic). To the fullest extent one's value or ability.
Worth (preposition) - Used to indicate the value of something. Good, valuable or important enough for (something) and deserving.
Worth - Latin origin from the word vertere which means to turn.


So Worthy: Activity Journal. Available on Kindle and paperback gift edition.


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